How to talk to your Liberal mate
How to Talk To Your Liberal Mates this Election

We all have that one Liberal mate who loves to talk politics — and who thinks they're right.

This is your complete guide to talking Australian politics with your Liberal mate.

Liberal Mate Says: Mr Turnbull is an impressive character.

Fact: Mr Turnbull is out of touch; he is the richest man running for office at this election and frankly it shows when he makes choices that hurt middle and working class families.

Choices like cutting funding to Medicare and our schools all the while giving $50 billion in tax breaks to big business.

He says one thing and does another; he’s not the man you thought he was.

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Liberal Mate Says: Mr Turnbull is a successful man who knows how to run things, not a political hack.

Fact: He always gets less impressive the bigger the job and the longer he is in it. Have a look at his record on the NBN, for example.

He got all his forecasts hopelessly wrong. He’s nearly doubled the cost of his second-rate network, more than doubled the time to get it rolled out to all Australians, and Australia has now slumped to 60th in the world for internet speeds.

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Liberal Mate Says: Turnbull is a business person who knows how the economy works.

Fact: We can’t have skilled jobs and a strong economy if Mr Turnbull is cutting education and university funding. He’s talking about innovation on the one hand and slashing over 300 jobs from the CSIRO on the other.

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Liberal Mate Says: Turnbull has a plan to make the pie bigger not just to cut the pie up differently.

Fact: The way you grow a modern economy is to build the skills and knowledge of your people, get more people - especially women - into the workforce, ensure wages are strong enough that demand and consumption stays strong, and keep the budget strong without risking damaging inequality.

Labor has a plan for budget repair that is fair, but Mr Turnbull’s plan fails all those tests.

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Liberal Mate Says: The Liberals have to make tough decisions to fix the deficit

Fact: The Liberals have tripled the deficit since 2014. No kidding. The deficit of $10 billion of 2016-17 that Joe Hockey predicted in 2014 is now $37 billion.

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Liberal Mate Says: … and pay back debt

Fact: The Liberals have doubled the debt in two years. I know, right. Net debt is now $109 billion worse than at the last election.

It was expected to peak at around 13 per cent of GDP when Labor left office. It will now peak at closer to 20 per cent.

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Liberal Mate Says:  Labor just wants to spend more on health and education but where’s the money coming from?

Fact: If the Liberals say we can’t afford a $37 billion investment in schools over the next decade, then how come a $50 billion corporate tax cut is just fine?

Labor has now identified more than $100 billion in budget improvements over the next decade. 

The difference is when money is tight, we try to spare those who need help and ensure money isn’t going to people who don’t need so much help.

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Liberal Mate Says:  Labor just puts up taxes so people pay more.

Fact: Labor is committed to budget repair that is fair. How can the Liberals cut taxes for the highest income earners and big companies and say middle and working class families should pay more?

The Liberals tried to introduce a GP tax and now they’ve introduced a ‘GP tax by stealth’ - and they have put up taxes on petrol and superannuation.

They even proposed a State income tax and a 15 per cent GST which even includes fresh food.

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Liberal Mate Says:  Labor just wants to take from the rich and give to the poor, but they don’t have a plan for growth.

Fact: The real economy is just more complicated than that cliché.

Rising inequality is a serious threat to long term economic growth.  Australia’s inequality is at a 75-year high.

A leading index shows the annual wellbeing cost of income inequality in Australia has reached nearly $220 billion.

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Liberal Mate Says:  Labor lets wages get too high.

Fact: Wages are growing at the slowest rate on record. Last year they grew by just 2.1 per cent

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Liberal Mate Says: The 2014 budget went too far, but Mr Turnbull got rid of the worst of that stuff.

Fact: Mr Turnbull wants to get a lot more things from that Budget through the Senate after the election. Like, 25 different cuts worth $13 billion.

The worst of these are his cuts to Family Tax Benefits and Paid Parental Leave – and putting up the cost of medicine.

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Liberal Mate Says: The Liberals dropped the GP co-payment – and anyway a few extra dollars is no big deal.

Fact: Not true! Labor stopped the GP co-payment – so now the Government is just being sneaky. By freezing the Medicare Benefits Schedule - in other words freezing how much doctors get paid - they will be making doctors charge you more.

It will end up being $20 every time you visit the doctor. It’ll cost ordinary families hundreds a year more and may mean kids miss out on a GP visit if they get sick the day before pay day.

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Liberal Mate Says: If we don’t do something about Medicare and the pension we will go broke.

Fact: So, our health expenditure is growing slower than at any time in the past thirty years.  And we spend less than average countries do on health as a share of our economy.

Medicare is more efficient than privatised health care systems like the American one.

Freezing GP payments sends patients away from the GP and into hospital care.  But GPs are the most efficient part of the system - hospital care is far more expensive.

The pension is sustainable as long as we get superannuation right – the Liberal cuts to super are what threaten the long term viability of our savings.

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Liberal Mate Says: If we don’t let universities charge more we won’t have world class institutions – we need to have some big universities like Harvard in America.

Fact: The Liberals cut almost $5 billion from universities in their first Budget.

And they want to cut another 20 per cent of all funding from universities. That is what threatens our universities.

We still have some top shelf universities now, but the difference is smart middle and working class kids can get still in.

If we let them charge $100k for degrees, that stops -- and it won’t even make up the amount they’ve lost in funding cuts. If we start down the American path where does it end?

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Liberal Mate Says: The Government is actually spending more on education and health than ever before.

Fact: The Liberals’ own budget papers show how they cut $80 billion out of schools and hospitals. Every hospital and school is worse off as a result of Mr Turnbull’s cuts.

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Liberal Mate Says: Getting rid of negative gearing will put rents up.

Fact: No. It means more new apartments and homes will be built. Renters and home buyers will have more choice. Right now, 93 per cent of investor loans go to existing housing. That doesn’t expand the supply of rental houses and doesn’t help keep rents low.

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Liberal Mate Says: Getting rid of negative gearing will drive house prices down.

Fact: We want stable and steady growth in house prices – not a runaway price boom driven by investors and overseas buyers. If nothing changes, no matter how hard you work or how much you earn, you won’t be able to own a home in the part of your city where you want to live.

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Liberal Mate Says: Investors will lose.

Fact: If you’re already negative gearing, nothing changes. It’s only new investments from 1 July 2017 that will be affected by our plan. Investors will still be able to take advantage of negative gearing, but only for new housing.

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Liberal Mate Says: Both parties have a plan on multinational tax, the Liberal one will actually work

Fact: The Liberal plan is an OK start but it doesn’t go far enough. Labor’s plan to close loopholes of multinational tax avoidance will raise $5.9 billion over ten years.

We’ll change a lot: the arrangements for how multinational companies claim tax deductions, ensure greater compliance work by the ATO to track down and tackle corporate tax avoidance, and crackdown on multinational companies using hybrid structures to reduce tax.

These are practical things that will achieve results.

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Liberal Mate Says: Both parties have a plan on broadband, the Liberal one is cheaper and quicker.

Fact: So Mr Turnbull said fibre-to-the-node instead of fibre-to-the-premises was good enough, because it was cheaper. He promised $29 billion in 3 years.

He got all his forecasts hopelessly wrong: he’s nearly doubled the cost of his second-rate network, more than doubled the time anticipated to get it rolled out to all Australians, and Australia has now slumped to 60th in the world for internet speeds.

It’s such a shambles NBN wants to cover it up and literally sent in the cops. They targeted whistleblowers and then breached caretaker conventions by making a political argument during the election when a Government-owned company should be neutral.

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Liberal Mate Says: Both parties have a plan on Paid Parental Leave, the Liberal one is better targeted.

Fact: The Liberals have cut Paid Parental Leave for 80,000 new parents. 34,000 of those people will lose the whole amount, $11,800.

This was a real shocker that showed how nasty they can be – they released a plan that called everyday mums ‘double-dippers’ and ‘rorters’ and they did it on Mother’s Day.

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Liberal Mate Says: At least the Liberals understand self-funded retirees and don’t punish people for saving.

Fact: The Liberals froze the superannuation guarantee at 9.5 per cent instead of letting it go to 12 per cent.

They cancelled a super tax break on 3 million Australians on low incomes – and then they brought it back and just changed the name! Weird.

A typical 25-year-old will have about $9,500 less in their super account by 2025 thanks to Mr Turnbull.

And that’s even before the last Budget, where they made retrospective changes!

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Liberal Mate Says: Sure we should do stuff on climate change, but we can’t go it alone - that makes no difference.

Fact: China and the US have agreed on targets for emissions by 2030.

40 nations and 20 sub-national jurisdictions covering around one billion people and more than 40 per cent of the world’s economy have emissions trading today.

This is real and happening now. Mr Turnbull is telling fibs if he says we’re going it alone. In fact, we’re falling behind the rest of the world.

Australia has lost almost 3,000 renewable energy jobs under the Liberals.

We need action and we need action now if we’re going to tackle climate change.

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Liberal Mate Says: Direct Action is working, we just need practical things like renewables.

Fact: Direct Action is failing and emissions are up. Unsurprisingly, paying big polluters to keep polluting hasn’t worked. According to the Government’s own numbers, emissions will rise by 7.7 per cent by 2020.

But we know investing in renewables is one of the best ways we can keep climate change limited to two degrees. That’s why Labor has committed to 50 per cent renewables by 2030.

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Liberal Mate Says: The Liberal plan doesn’t put power prices up, and that’s why other countries are doing Direct Action.

Fact: The Liberal plan is over budget – they’ve spent a quarter of the money to get a sixth of the reductions – and it is paid for by taxes on business and workers.

Emissions went down under Labor and are going up under the Liberals.

Plus, other countries aren’t “doing” Direct Action, China and the US have regional emissions trading schemes in place as does the whole European Union.

Labor will join the rest of the world and implement a market-based mechanism.

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Liberal Mate Says: Turnbull is better than Abbott.

Fact: Turnbull has kept all the same policies as Tony Abbott. He’s kept Abbott’s climate change policy, he’s kept cuts to schools and hospitals, and he’s still trying to privatise Medicare. Nothing has changed.

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Liberal Mate Says: At least Turnbull is better than Abbott on stuff like marriage equality, the republic and climate change.

Fact: We are going to have a $160 million national vote on this later in the year. This will be a nasty public debate – people want to repeal hate speech laws for the campaign – and it’s going to happen because Malcolm Turnbull can’t stand up to his own party.

Turnbull was impressive when he was leading on climate change, I agree.  It makes his collapse on the issue worse, not better. He’s adopted Tony Abbott’s ineffective policy in full.  He once said a lack of leadership on climate change was the biggest problem; now, he’s part of the problem.

He has even walked away from action on the republic, saying it is up to the people, not the Prime Minister. What’s the point of Malcolm Turnbull if he can’t even speak up for his own pet project?

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Liberal Mate Says: Turnbull will be able to govern like a more progressive person once he wins an election.

Fact: Bill Shorten leads his party – Malcolm Turnbull’s party leads him. If anything, we are on track to see Malcolm Turnbull even more dominated by nutjobs and cavemen.

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Liberal Mate Says: Labor used to be good on the economy with Hawke and Keating, but Shorten is different from that.

Fact: Bob Hawke and Paul Keating don’t agree.

Keating is scathing and hilarious about Turnbull’s judgement and he’s known him for twenty years.

Hawke is furious about Medicare privatisation and campaigning hard to stop it right now.

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Liberal Mate Says: I just don’t see what Labor is offering me.

Fact: You’re doing okay now.  You can’t afford a home where you’d like, but I guess you’re putting up with it for now.  That’ll wear off.

The Libs talk a good fight on the economy, but don’t do well.

But the real thing is one day you, or someone you love, will need a good school, a university degree, a first home, penalty rates on the weekend, a GP visit or a hospital stay.

Or you’ll try to start a home business and need broadband.  Mate someone in your family might even need disability care.

I’m voting to make sure you and your loved ones are ok on that day.  You should too.

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Authorised by G. Wright, Australian Labor Party, 5/9 Sydney Ave, Barton ACT 2600.